Thursday, July 12

City Miami Social worker says prostitution education needed against sex trafficking

As it turns out, in this instance, the “system” identified the signs of exploitation and took swift action. Thankfully, the group home parent had received training and was able to identify the red flags of child exploitation, which include: numerous calls/texts from unknown persons, new adult boyfriends and increase in runaway incidents.
Although this tragic situation is a wake-up call for all of us to become more educated and informed about the signs and signals of human trafficking, it should also sound the alarm that we — as a system and community — are not doing enough to prevent such exploitation in the first place.First, we need to critically evaluate whether it is appropriate for abused and neglected youth to live in “congregant” or “group” care rather than with individual foster families education  about
child prostitution can be read . Do you  agree with her findings ? Do  you  know about the foster care system in the USA ??

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